Windows 10 Setup Guide:

How to Guide :

he problem with Windows 10 is the bloatware that comes with a new installation and whenever there is an update. Microsoft gives you the ability to turn off or delete these bloated software and to make your operating system not track you but……

Microsoft turns them back on and reinstalls all the useless software you don’t want which slows down your computer.

So where to begin :


Getting the latest Windows 10 available direct from Microsoft.

Next is a program to make a USB install disc. It is called Rufus. Creating a USB for Windows should be easy but Microsoft had made it a problem on Linux.

Make the Windows 10 Install unattended, with all updates and auto install 3rd Party software.

Free installer software that installs free useful software without bloatware.

Ccleaner – One of the best free software solutions for cleaning up your PC.

Clementine – My preferred Music Library & Player.

The next step is to remove all the Microsoft and 3rd Party software that you don’t want. We use a program called Blackbird.

At this point your PC should be clean & fast, so its time to back it up.

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