Making Technology Just Work!

If technology confuses you, I CAN HELP YOU!

People don’t have the time in the standard 9am to 5pm – Monday to Friday lifestyle to get to learn computers or have there technology fixed. So I decided to work outside of normal working hours!

Phone & Online support!

  • Wipe & Install Windows
  • Remove Viruses & Malware
  • Software Installation
  • Upgrade PC’s & Laptops
  • Purchase Advice for new equipment 


After Business hours and on Weekends.

Remote Customer Support Here!

When you want, where you want!

I provide the “one on one” personal experience that is missing in today’s fast paced, right now society.

People don’t want to go to a classroom and sit through hours of lessons just to get to the one thing they want to know! Instead we come to you and teach you what you want to know, It’s that simple.

Tips, tricks and How to’s are what I do…..