Computer Repair

Need Your Laptop or Computer Fixed?

All it could cost you is $100.+ Software.

No need to have a bad day or stack your laptop/PC in a cupboard because it’s too expensive to get fixed and you need files or photos from the Laptop/PC.
  • I can get your files from the computer.
  • Wipe and Reinstall.
  • Copy your files back onto the Laptop.
Things I deal with: Virus & Mal-ware removal from PC & Laptops: If your computer is slow or you have ad’s and toolbars in your web browser I can clean it up for you. Recovery of Data: When your computer dies… Panic sets in “My Photos!” The one thing you want to be saved is your precious memories and personal documents that can’t be replaced. I get them back. Wipe and Reinstall: Sometimes it’s faster to start over. If you have had an Operating System for a long time, there can be all sorts of hidden problems. The time it takes to fix them is often longer than a reinstall.

Linking your phone to your Laptop/PC

Setting up your Mobile phone: Mobiles are more than just a “phone”, they are mini computers and that means having to set them up so they are useful. This takes time and the right programs to make them functional.

General Advice

I look at what you have and make your tech work for what you need. Then give you suggestions on upgrading or what to buy if needed. Most people have what they need, they just don’t know how to use it correctly. That’s where my service comes in….. Contact us to find out More…