Linux – Moving Home Partition

Customizing your File system:
(Having home on separate Hard drive.)

Unlike Windows, Linux has a “Fixed” File system. What this means is no matter how many physical hard drives you have the file structure stays the same!

Linux does not label each hard drive but instead used Partitions. Partitions can span many hard drives and together are called a RAID. Partitions can be formatted to many different file storage formates. e.g. NTFS (Windows 10), ExFAT(USB drives) & Ext4(Linux). There are many more…… But for our purposes here, this is all you need to know for now!

  1. Create a Temporary folder (media/home)
  2. Mount the new Partition(hard drive) to that temporary folder (media/home)
  3. Copy data from current Home folder to the temporary folder (/home to media/home)
  4. Create backup folder (/old_home)
  5. Move current Home to a backup folder (/home to /old_home)
  6. Move temporary folder to original Home location (media/home to /home)

Now you have the Home Directory on a new Partition!

Here is the Detailed Instructions

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