Web Services & Web Design

Everyone wants a web page, from a simple blog to a complex company store. People think it’s too hard to get working and thatswhere we come in:
Domain Name, Web Hosting, Custom Email, Blog’s, Business webpage  and Social Media Posting can be provided and maintained by the staff at Nerd Power.

We do it all so you don’t have to!

Our Web Designer will provide you with a fully functional website that can be maintained by you, our In-House web designer or a web design company of your choice. Optimized for mobile viewing & SEO.

What we do:

Domain Name

When you want a company name or custom eMail you need a domain. A domain is the address that people us to find you on the internet for example nerdpower.com.au. Once you have selected your domain and it’s not already being used we can purchase the domain for you.


This is where the website lives. Every website has a host. This is a computer server that has the files and programs that make up your website.


You can bring your own domain or we can provide a personal email for you that the big companies don’t monitor or have access. Private email at a small cost.


Everyone want’s a blog, a personal blog that noone else has access to and is completly in your control, we can do that.

How?  We created a : personalblog.com.au just for this reason.

for example:

  • Your name is Michael  so we make a web page called michael.personalblog.com.au
  • But you also want private email too!
  • No problem we make a email address michael@personalblog.com.au 

Now your friends and family know your website & email because they’re the same. 🙂 easy….

Business Page

Every company should have a web page & eMail even if its a small cash business. Why? Because everyone uses there mobile phone to look up everything these days including ratings and reviews. When people see that you have your own email they know you’re professional. At NerdPower we can get a webpage & email up and running and connected to your social media accounts in a short time.


Yourself – We give you the tools and instruction to mantain your social media accounts and create posts on a daily basis.

NerdPower – We can post for you and maintain your Blog & Posts to social media.

3rd Party – Grant access to 3rd Party administrators to your web page and posts.

Social Media   

Making a Blog or post is one thing but then you need to distribute through the social media storm to your intended target. NerdPower provides a extended range of options to maximise your advertising acress a range of sites.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

There are many directories & rating sites available online, we can register your business on a selection of them that will give you the best SEO results.

We can register your business on social media sites and maintain them.

Graphic Design

Don’t have a Logo or Photo’s to put on a website? We can help!

Have a new LOGO created by us.

Have our Web Developer come to your business and take the photos that are needed to create a beautiful and functional website.

 Get back to what you do best and let us take care of your online presence.