Do you want a Media Centre?

Everything in one place?

  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Live TV
  • International TV
  • Music
  • Sports

Your whole Multi-Media collection in one spot?

Then you need my Custom, made for Australia :

Fully Loaded KODI BOX

only $150.00

How does it work?

I take a normal Android Box and update the Firmware and Operating System to the latest Version. Then add the best Pro, Ad-Free, Apps on the market.

Finally, create a custom build for Kodi & tweak the settings to make it play in Australia.

This has Streaming service’s and needs at least 3 MB/s (Download) just like Youtube.

Copyright Infringement:

Only watch media that you have the right’s to watch. i.e. You paid for it!

Australian copyright Law states you can buy from around the world and use it here in Australia. Like a DVD from the U.S. (Region 1) won’t play on Australian (Region 4) players so it is allowed to break the Region lock to play it.


As we don’t know what’s in your movie and tv collection, we don’t know what you have a legal and lawful right to view, and so we leave everything available. We leave it to you to use this product in a lawful and legal way, in other words: What you have paid for.

We take no legal or moral responsibility for your actions or misuse of this product.

Why is there no “Buy!” Button? Because you may not need to buy a KODI BOX at all! email me to find out!

(I am located in Geelong Victoria. If you live in the area I can do a home service call to get all your technology working correctly!)